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 This Week in Phi Tau History

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August 24-29

August 24- Phi Kappa Tau's first Convention at a resort hotel took place at the West Baden Springs Hotel in West Baden, Ind. (1926).
August 25- The "Victory Convention" held at Lake Wawasee, Ind., to celebrate the end of WWI and morn the deaths of 151 Phi Taus who died in the war. (1947)
August 26- The term "associate" was approved by convention action at the 40th National Convention held in Chase Park Plaza St. Louis (1970).
August 27- The 15th National Convention met in Kansas City, Mo., at the Muehlebach Hotel. Delegates voted to publish an official song book of Fraternity songs(1925) and The National Headquarters Building was dedicated in Oxford, Ohio (1931).
August 28- To end the 42nd National Convention, Bill Jenkins lead the members in the Candle Light Ceremony for the first time (1975).
August 29- Roland Maxwell from Southern California is elected national president at the 24th National Convention in Lafayette, Ind. (1934).

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